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Huffing and puffing..

I want to pass out now. I was never made to go through pages of seemingly meaningless code and figure out where they fit in. Actually, I was told its the easiest way to get a new template. I was quite bored of my drab old one. Once all my specifications were spelt out, Mayur was nice enough to find me a template that fit them.

Now, I feel all cheerful even though my head is still reeling. Whaddya think


20 thoughts on “Huffing and puffing..

  1. three columns give u lot more space to fiddle around. but go low on widgets, else the load time will hit the roof!

  2. wowww 🙂
    lurvvv this gurl!!!
    i like the red and grey pattern on the op- it’s psychedelic..
    complex yet nice- your purpose is achieved..
    more spaced out and easier on the eyes..
    lurv the facelife babe..

    i’m not gettyn to the codin part- it’s irritatin as hell.. some coder-arse needs to help out a poor soul like me..

    n yeh, we’re good at settin our expectations right, and gettin it done accordingly, aren’t we?? jus a whiney, cute, sweet,lovesick face and a few smiles, and the work is done 😉 men have a lota lessons to learn frm us.. 🙂

    nice work..

  3. Arun > adhukku peru art ma!

    Sashi > long overdue man 🙂

    Vinni > nothing new, same old from the previous template. But yeah, I must watch out

    LKS > Thanks saar 🙂

    Jane > yeah 🙂 I know! they have a lot to learn. but Mayur reads my blog and I’m not going to say anything more 🙂

  4. nic etemplate… though teh three column look is not so my personal fav, this one looks near and minimal…
    and playing with code for template – itz nust fun.. 🙂 now a days, i design my own templates, and I like playing with new styles… 🙂

  5. simple white template.. what happened to rosemilk template?

    are you coming up with any logo for ur blog..?

  6. Nice template!
    maybe u can use a 2 colums template, it wud look better! 🙂
    but then, thats just my opinion! 😀


  7. hmmmm…nice.

    who did u kill on the left hand top corner?

    iam on to u, woman.

    seriously cool template.

  8. Template nanna irukku..enakkum new template chahiye! romba naala theding! not found a good one yet

    edavadu irunda please to mail

  9. Your two column sidebar looks quite odd.. Other than that everything is fine… Try to make it single column…

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