I’ve been using the word random way too often in the last few days. I guess its also got to do with the fact that its probably the most apt description for what I do/think/feel/write these days. I do random stuff.

When I tell people I’m unemployed, I get two standard reactions. One, “Oh my God! I wish I could just sit at home and not do anything.” Two, “Oh, so what do you do the whole day??” Actually, sitting at home is not so different from working. As in, I still spend most of my time on Reader and youtube. Other than of course, being eternally broke and living on a shoestring budget. There are a few days when I get bored doing “random” stuff, but for the most part, I’ve been keeping fairly busy.

I feel socially more active this way. I’ve reacquainted myself with our maid, ironwallah, nosey neighbors and water delivery boy. I’m totally up to date on all the family gossip which I otherwise used to be briefed about during the long Sunday phone call. By virtue of being vetti, I’m once again filling in as the chauffeur when my grandma wants to visit her family, that is, her aunt, uncle, sister et al. I even went for a 70 year old maami’s birthday party and sang Happy Birthday to you and dutifully stood in line albeit right at the end when they asked all the kids to line up for a bite of the (eggless) birthday cake. My cousin wants me to help him cover his new books with brown paper and put labels on them. I could also take him uniform, school bag, school shoe shopping and buy him panipuri on the way back, he says.

At least, I can come home and crash without worrying about a bitchy landlord or the next meal. I’m not complaining!


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  1. well, a day like today- i di nothing at work 🙂 soooo went home, ate biriyani(spl day at my aunt’s place) n slept like a pig..
    n wen my boss asks me wat i did durin the day, i jus rattle out ‘random’ stuff, and make them sound specific 🙂


    socially active, meeting the grandparents, helpin teh chottu- aren’t they enlivening experiences???

    gaay jus a thought:
    how would it be wen we women get married?-
    does life automatically include these home-bound experiences, alongside the work-experience?
    must be a tightrope balance 🙂

    neways for now, ya jus relish doin all teh stuff ya haven’ t been doin for a while, while i keep takin a break from work 🙂

  2. n i like teh way ya put that line about ya standing in line with the little unz 🙂
    life n its small joys!

  3. Ohhhh…really lucky u…I would love to take over the covering notebooks and putting labels, buying panipuri (assuming that i get some for my hard work!) joli…

    U know it is much better that one knows for definite that one is eternally broken…becoz with that reliazation comes the real peace and Nirvana can be attained!

    Raise ur middle finger to people who says the two things instead of standard , traditional naalu things and enjoy this lying low for a period…it is real key to rejunuvation and all future success!

  4. 🙂 I know how it feels. Though it is getting frustrating at my end! But, yes, the grass is always greener on the other side no? 😛

  5. Bloghopped here nearly half an hour back and have stayed. A lot of your posts were really charming reads especially the one on swearing in front of kids; not a good idea. I know a toddler whose first words were sacrilege to my granny’s ears 😛

    Nonetheless, nice posts on Madras. I had blogged an ode to it a while back.

    P.S. “By virtue of being vetti” – this is a first in the world of blogs :))

  6. ‘Actually, sitting at home is not so different from working. As in, I still spend most of my time on Reader and youtube. ‘ RTTFL… ha ha ha.. once in a while, me too gets bored of thsi and wants to sit at home… 🙂

  7. ok fine, I’m sorry for askin you those questions… aduku ivala periya post a?

    lolz neways, the trick is to look for interesting things and enjoy whatever one does. wehter it is being vetti or a 12hr job across timezones!

  8. Jane > The paatis are not too bad. They’re ok 🙂

    When I get married, I don’t know what I will be like. But my mom’s doing this for almost 23 years now. So, I guess, I might learn something from her after all!

    and yeah, standing in line in ascending order was damn funny..

    When I was at work, there were days I would do absolutely nothing and wouldn’t even bother to come up with ‘random’ stuff I could’ve been doing to cover up.. hehe..

    Next time you bunk office like this when you’re vetti, ping me, I’ll be there..

    Ela > of course you also get one plate. onnu vaangina onnu free type offer thaan idhu!

    the Psuedonym > hehe.. thanks!

    Nandu > totally ma!

    Sasi > dude, the boy who comes to deliver our mineral water can 🙂

    notgogol > thanks 🙂

    xh > you should just do it then!

    Mayur > lol. you asked me the questions too??

  9. haiya! sounds like a summer vacation at pati’s house. 😀 my vac has just begun. vetti is so under-rated, you enjoy maadi! 😀

  10. One should get married, when confronting idleness. Life wouldn’t be much better, but only the chores would increase. And yaa, ofcourse the Mrs salutation. And for sure though, Random would turn to Routine.

    And “yegmijki” is the word verification. Fyi.

  11. I’ve always wondered why my dad or mom was not a MLA or MP, wherein i get to laze around ‘random’ly!!


  12. hmmm, people around you will drive you nuts, get back in the job world soon. I hope its a planned event???

  13. the pleasures of unemployment! sob sob! it all ends this 26th for me 😥

    hence im partying way too hard to kill the depression!!!

  14. Some times its fun to be at home all day…but yeah it gets repetitive over a period of time. Suddenly you realize you have nothing to do. Beat boredom… sleep all day!

  15. hahaha… I agree. I like your life. But, I’d never want to be home. You are very brave 🙂

  16. Simple pleasures of life! Sigh!..

    yeah!! U should definitely not be complaining now. Even i was pretty much jobless till some time back. I never found it hard to spend time. Even being broke was kinda k for me. And now I sooo miss my blissful state of joblesness!

  17. hey lucky girl…you at least got random things to do!!!!

    i, even though male..have to think and re-think whats ma today’s schedule and half the day get wasted just doing that….(nothing)

    happy life…

  18. wickedtaurus > under-rated it definitely is 🙂

    Arun > as usual semma idea machan! you rock

    Karthik > Its a very good koshtin.. if only life was that simple 😛

    slogger > it definitely is

    Solitaire > it is 🙂

    Dilip > as long we have a reason to partayh

    Prashanth > sleeping all day is actually a very good plan

  19. Roomie > in a weird way, I guess I am 🙂

    Victorious > welcome to the club

    Vartika > I know!

    Pointblank > does it sound like I’m complaining?

    Idrish > even though you’re male? huh? you lost me..

    Matangi > thank you!

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