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Daily dose of humor

I just discovered that the Visu wrote the dialogs for this movie. I was quite surprised ‘cos this doesn’t fall into his “pattern” of rhyme or sarcasm. It has some of the best dialogs ever.

My favorite is
“modhalla pera maathanum”
“short name suppi saar”
“suppiyaavadhu gappiyaavadhu, Get out”


11 thoughts on “Daily dose of humor

  1. One of my Favourite Movies. It is too damn hilarious. And Rajni is a Natural Comedian.

    Thillu Mullu… Thillu Mullu…

  2. Thengai Srinivasan: Sattaila enna Bommai?

    Candidate: Poonai Sir

    Thengai Srinivasan: Adhula enna avalo perumai?? Get Out…

    ROFL… Awesome movie….

  3. It was recently that I noticed the words “Vasanam” and “Visu” together in the movie.Was a bit surprised that oru-vaarthaiyave-kozhappi-kozhappi-oru-mile-neelathukku-pesara Visu had penned the dialogues for this movie.

  4. Actually I like that “Ellam eyewass” part. And did you notice that Visu has actually dubbed for one guy. The guy who is asked the price of dumm?

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