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In time, i’ve come to realise that planning doesn’t work. Especially when you’re planning a get away with friends. Saturday afternoon boredom and frustration lead to plans being made at lightning speed. By 5, K and I were on our way to a much sought after, if I may add, high profile resort on the outskirts of the city. Long drive, good music and great company! The day ended beautifully on the beach. I dreamt of waves splashing, sand castles, fishing nets and moonlight in my sleep.
The best was yet to come. After some catalog browsing, the next morning, we narrowed down on a catamaran ride. Other than its oft quoted etymology, i knew little else of what it involved. Have you seen that song with Trisha and super cute Siddarth in AE or the one with Kareena and Vivek? With the image in place in my head, i talked K into it. She can’t swim and neither can I. Isn’t that why people wear life jackets. We decided to do it.
The sand was just warming up but the water was still deliciously cold. But i couldn’t even begin to imagine what it might be like to be in the middle of the ocean. A speck in the vast blue blanket that engulfed my line of sight. Swimming pools somehow never look like that however vast and however blue the floor is. The sun is always partial to the sea. She always shines in her glowing gaze. The beach is romantic at night but the sea looks her best in sunlight.
The catamaran took us about a kilometer and half into the sea. We stood holding a not so thick rope as the motor was switched on and we zoomed our way through. My hair was flying, my glasses threatened to jump into the sea and water was spraying in my eyes. We were moving farther away from the coast. The screaming in my head started. It wasn’t the panic scream though. More like, i can’t get enough of this woo hoo. The blue just got brighter and more seductive. The motor’s roar died down and the guy asked us to jump in! Jump we did not but after a minutes hesitation, we slid off the catamaran. We were in the middle of the sea. Well, not really but far enough to disillusion us. We held on to the same dear rope to keep us bobbing along with the catamaran. And then the madness was unleashed. I’ve never spoken so many disjointed sentences. Just sheer bliss. All I could see was the same blue sheet that loving wooed we a few minutes ago. There was water in my nose, eyes, ears and mouth. But we were laughing nonstop! Singing cheesy songs in the sea, just managing to keep my head above the water is not something i imagined i would do. When the cynicism took over, i made a effort to turn back and make sure the catamaran was still there. Oh and also that the shore still existed. Somewhere in all this madness, laughter, excitement, fun, doubt, fear and bobbing, there was a moment of Nirvana. I felt at peace with myself after a long time.


14 thoughts on “Nirvana

  1. Bobbing in the middle of the sea, way too far from land in any direction–nirvana!

    Wonderful post 🙂

  2. Anon 1 aka K> thanks 🙂

    Anon 2> thank you!

    Puranjoy > it truly was!

    Arun > The sun was so beautiful that it just couldn’t be a he. 🙂

  3. oooh…sounds awesome! never been on a catamaran, seems like a must! 😀 sorta similar exp when me & a friend fell off the raft while white water rafting in merced river, was a bit scared on what- might-bite-me part..nonetheless, was fun! 😀

  4. ohhhhhhhhh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww:)
    yehhh babeee, i could feel teh nirvana in ya voice as ya did it!!

    sooooo di ya go with a boyo fren or a girleo fren ;);)

    after readin all tat, i damn sure wanan go doooo it :):):)

    btw, if ya’re the type who loves all this, ya must try rappelling(declimbing rocks(atop a hill) that are atleast 50 feet), ziprides from tree-to-ground, n coracle rides(parisals- those circular boats in water)- heeeee–

    n i willll surely do teh catamaraan soon :):):)

  5. Hmmmmm…..after reading “Thannir Desam” i also dreamed of going into the sea….but so far never could manage…..

    Good to know that u had fun and believe me i never thought attaining nirvana is this easy and fun!

  6. Its amazing thingy. I have done it. Boy! Didn’t you struggle to get back in to the catamaran? The waters pull you down against getting up in to the catamaran as if to say “Stay back, its fun!”

  7. உப்பு தண்ணிய விட, பீர் தண்ணி ரொம்ப பெட்டேர் 😉 One can achieve Nirvana quicker too…

  8. Beach !! You just have to find excuses to get there … And top it up with nee yaro naan yaro style adventure .. nice .. 🙂

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