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I started this blog cos one of my best friends in college had one. Had not the first clue what it was all about. I didn’t quite know what to do with it when i had one myself. 3 years later, this space has given me a lot more than I could’ve ever imagined. Right now, I feel like its time for me to take a break. A month, maybe 2 or 3, i don’t really know. But i’ll definitely be back. So long!


14 thoughts on “Break

  1. wow! i only startd enjoyin u’r space n u r takin a brek! no probs… shall read all the older posts until u return!

  2. Ummm…Your time starts now… Tic tic 10, tic tic 9…

    Take the much needed break. But come back soon 🙂

  3. i’ve already seen ya next bloggg- sooo yehhh, i’m soo kickarse gl;ad ya’re rested well n back in action!

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