Familiarity can sometimes be intoxicating. The smell, the sound, the touch, the old stories, the shared laughter can rock you into a gentle sense of belonging that comes from deep rooted comfort. The kinds that you know you can take advantage of and rattle of whatever’s on your mind without worrying about explaining people, places and circumstances involved cos you know that everything will be understood perfectly. The reassurance gained from the link to your past, and the glow of confidence is like none other. To know that the fondness hasn’t diminished one bit and is growing irrespective of timeframe, is, in a twisted way, a silent nod to what you’ve turned out to be. That, as much as is routinely denied, is very important boost to a slumped ego and a bruised mood.


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  1. @Arun…unakku yean intha bhuthi….paavam un sister ellam….innum oru thadava Gayatri yaa kindal pannina….avvalavu thaan…aamaa….

    @Gayatri…BTW enakkum onnum puriyala…aana yeatho sandosama iruntha seri!

  2. hey rosemilkinabottle. Hope everything is fine with you? Never meant to intrude with your break and life. Nor do I want to sound like I know you. Just a concerned blogger who thinks your posts are sounding kinda bleak. You should have been at the Indiblogger meet yesterday. It was fun. Cheers. And take care.

  3. Arun > oru ezhavum illa, its called emotions

    Nandu > hehe.. thanks

    Ela > that’s the bottom line 🙂

    Pseudonym > thanks!

    Prashanth > lol!

    Impressionist > duh? really?? do we want to now be passing judgements?

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  5. i totally second ya woman– sometimes what we really need for some kinda moksha is a dig into teh past- for some feel-good moments that spiral us into a smile, when we’re down n in the dumps..

    n like ya said, even when time gathers dust on (a) relationship/s, i only think it goes fonder with every day.. i dun think distance n time demeans the love n the bonding..

  6. Interesting! Which means that familiarity does not necessarily breed contempt…it makes understanding better. Nice:)

  7. Hi Gayatri,
    been reading ur space for sometime now. You write really well. especially the expression of your emotions is so clear and beautiful, that one can actually identify with what u write. Keep going ! I love your writing.

  8. can really understand your feeling.
    been there!
    great flow of words
    go with the flow…….

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