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Move on..

I’m a creature of habit. Constant change is not really my thing. The move to wordpress has been on my mind for a while now. I decided to shelf my inhibitions and just do it. Its going to be fun for the first few days, trying to figure my way around wordpress. But everything including the move has been so smooth so far, that I think I’m going to quite like it here.

Here’s hoping to start blogging again, pretty soon, cheers!


5 thoughts on “Move on..

  1. yeah wordpress is quite nice. i like a lot of things about it. but i resist change too. and am downright lazy. so..

    good luck with moving on 🙂

  2. Pseudonym > totally understand!

    Nags > thanks 🙂

    Mayur > yup, you’re not stuck answering koshtins anymore 😛

    Nags > Its up now!! 🙂

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