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Cool song crappy video 1

I stole this idea from lazygeek. Or maybe I’ll call it my tribute to him!

This is SPB’s forte. Romance. Not to mention ARR’s really interesting arrangement of rhythm and usage of Malgudi Shuba’s voice. The man sings about his lady,
sezhiththa azhagil sivandhu nirkum sendhaenae – en
kazhuththu varaiyil aasai vandhu ninraenae

(you’re such a fair lush beauty
I’m neck deep in desire)

Such excellent lines that portray the romance and lust, had some really sleazy supposedly romantic shots. Especially the second charanam, with Arvind Swamy trying to portray the intensity he feels for her by vigorously shaking his head and rolling his eyes.


3 thoughts on “Cool song crappy video 1

  1. aiyoo paavam Arvindswamy….manichu vitralam! And we don’t know exactly what he saw and why he made such an face, isn’t? so benefit of doubt on his favor!

    I do love SPB’s romantic songs…they can really make one go through all the subtle emotions…but there are also few songs from Mano that i also love in this genre!

    lol true! It was almost a li’l painful to watch actually..

  2. When this movie released, I was in X or XI and I arranged for my whole class to get black tix to go see it the first weekend because it was hyped so much (I still remember the trailers & the name of the damn producers!) and the music was just the best at that time. Too bad the movie was such a let down!

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