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Dasavatharam – the after effects

Dasavatharam turned out to be a sad movie. Its a fact that’s been almost universally accepted. I say almost cos some of the supposedly seasoned reviewers (like Madhan and Suhasini) have just stopped of declaring it a miracle. I guess that’s not really such a great surprise considering that the Tamil film industry still takes itself way more seriously than it should. Now, that’s yet another topic. So coming back to Kamal haasan’s narcissism and the debacle called Dasavatharam, it has started a very worrisome trend in Kollywood.
Remember the time when Rama narayanan made about 5 movies a year? Like Rajakaali amman, bottu amman, et all after the run away hit of one telugu dubbing movie called Amman. He cashed in on its success as much as he could till, thankfully, that phase passed! After Dasavatharam, everyone now wants to make claims of multiple roles. Kuselan has Rajni in 20 roles (get ups, maybe)it seems. Simran thirai has Simran in a story where she plays 14 roles. Not sure if its as hot as advertised. Next we’ll have other heroes something equally comical. Shankar must be kicking himself quite hard for not creating enough hype about the various hair dos of Remo in Anniyan. Aiyo pavam.
PS: Though the CG was quite laughable at places, most of the scenes with more than one Kamal weren’t patchy. Kamal’s accents were kickass. Especially Poovaraghan, Balram Naidu and paati. That’s the Kamal is miss. We fans never accept defeat. I can’t wait for Marmayogi.


11 thoughts on “Dasavatharam – the after effects

  1. This review makes things look like kamal has the saddest movie ever. I agree it was not worth the hype but rajini sure aint got the freaking brains to think of a bio-chemical weapon for destruction and international parties after him to get it. That, only kamal can do. Having said that i did feel some of the roles were unnecessary in the movie, i mean the kamal roles but then i will certainly said it was entertainment. Wether its good entertainment is a question of concern but certainly worth one time. When some crack pots can watch sivaji 18 times and kurivi 14 times, dasavatharam can be seen once.

  2. I beg to differ. What you said here in your comment here is exactly what’s wrong with the movie. Kamal just assumed he was too clever for the world around him, especially his fans. Bio warfare, chaos theory, bullets in throat curing cancer, dalits, christians, muslims, brahminism, CG, crappy makeup, karunanidhi in the climax, jj in the movie, and so much more in one movie, desperately glued together by one man.
    Shivaji, is a mass entertainer. Leave your brains outside the movie hall kinda movie. Kamal wanted people to bring brains along and not think. That’s not fitting either the intellectual bill or the mass entertainer one.
    I loved PKS and would’ve been perfectly happy with a crazy mohan type movie that had 10 kamals.

  3. Oh my god! G3…you liked PKS over Dasa?? Hard to conceive!

    I agree Dasa had some negatives. We complain abt CG cos 60 crores has been pooled in and an exceptional CG was expected.

    And when some other hero does it… its called screen presence/mass etc and when Kamal does it, its called Narcissism. And that too from the key board of a Kamal fan! Strange.

  4. adi rosepenne, nethiki daan pathiya?

    Well since no kamal fans commented on my blog, I missed out on the flame wars, looks like you are gonna have all the fun!

    @ dilip: you are yourself degrading dasa by comparing it with kuruvi. It was actually supposed to be shoulders above regular crap and hence the disappointment

    @prashanth: After watching PKS, Tenali and panchatantram you left the hall with a happy feeling, sadly here it was a case of confusion…

  5. with you on this… im waiting for a blockbuster with TR in 400 odd roles including the hero, heroine, the extras, dance crew et al…
    wait a minute- has that movie been made already?!!!

  6. Havent watched it yetttt.. heeee :)\but i lurvvvv kamal..i heard some of the dialogues are corny n dumb.. but yeahhh kamal does take himself too seriously in the head at times..\the saddest part will be the multiple sarat kumarz n the sathya rajs on screen.. they would be corny to the power of infinity!!

  7. hey.. i liked the “shankar” part.. 😀

    i actually loved the movie.. bt it s not a movie for substd. audience.. imagine chaos theory n bio warfare! i think his version of chaos theory was presentd in a brilliant manner.. he is intelligent.. bt gets carried away often!
    i liked asin as nambi’s wife rather .. andal was irritating.. bt sme roles like naidu, paatti and nambi.. they prove wht an actor kamal is! bt unfortunately roles like tht japanese kamal, khalifullah.. hav been jst wasted away!
    all d more.. i cant stop praising his efforts!

  8. Another polyglot bull in the making, who gives a dam about the bull that the greedy south Hindian bastards make………too good there are idiots to follow craps like tamil movies……. Oye choclates are full of shhhhhhhhhttttttttttt

  9. Dasavatharam was disappointing for me. It was neither fully commercial nor fully intellectual. Very Random! I miss Kamal’s movies like Sathya, Mahanadhi, Devar Magan. Kamal needs to reinvent himself soon. May be Marmayogi will, let’s see.

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