Imagination is a fairly potent tool. It is intoxicating and amusing. Its a plaything that’s very hard to lose interest in. The moment you think you know what’s about to come, it shows you one more of its alluring, undiscovered sides. Almost like a wave! Its the whole journey of discovery that makes it interesting. Like begging for permission to stay in the water for one last big wave and dismissing every wave to be smaller than the other.
But when the wave becomes too big for you, it can engulf your being. Just like a wave, imagination too has a mind of its own. Once it has you completely wrapped in it, your senses numb but perceptions heighten. There’s a whole new world, waiting to fulfill your every whim. Its heady scent disillusions. Reason and logic are just plain words thrown around to undermine your make believe reality.
But when the big huge wave encompasses you, there is nothing to do, but to go with the flow.


11 thoughts on “

  1. amazing way of putting emotions. Love the way you write. keep writing and if possible more often.

  2. @Sasi > Thanks! I miss Hyd so much sometimes, I just want to get on the next flight there.

    @Nandu > thanks 🙂

    @max > you know that’s something I want to do, but never can come up with something that I like. Will work on that

    @Gaurav > Thanks!

  3. Imagine has a totally different essence to it if it can smell a “mind” somewhere near it. Although we are free to imagine whatever we want. God isnt as free to grant us every useless piece of crap we imagine. So the point is that imagine with your mind in your place.


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