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Flying makes me feel important. As much as I hate long lines, waiting, airports, in-flight food, lost baggage hungama, crying children and take off. I love the way I feel when I fly. When I look down from above, I feel like my existance is more purposeful as compared to those lesser mortals that I see. This silly sense of euphoria originates from the middle class upbringing that had me waving my hand off at any plane that I could barely even spot. Aeroplanes, I believed, were for people who were way too important to take a train. Like it was a sign of raising above humanity. A sign that cordoned off the special people from the normal haggard ones.

During my debut air travel, I did everything that my 12 year old brain could think of to act like I belonged there. With all these people I had been waving to, till then. The people I had strained my neck to catch a glimpse of and admired. It was going to be an important moment in my life. A moment that was going to mark my crossing over to the other side.  When I entered the aircraft, I couldn’t help gaping at my fantasyland, inspite of all rehearsals in my head about acting cool. It was hard to accept that fact that everything was nice and classy. No gr ubby TTRs, no rusty window panes, nothing smelly or old. The cool carpet, the pretty attendants, the chocolates, the free kiddie goodies, even the small little toilet was just the way I thought it would be, impeccable. Then when your stomach stops churning after landing, your luggage even finds its way to you (mostly). To top all of this, when you see someone holding your name on a placard, announcing your glory to the rest of the world, not that any of the people you travel with would even care, the sense of accomplishment is just something else.

Talk about being narcissistic 🙂


7 thoughts on “Flying

  1. hm.. a new perspective on flying 🙂
    whn i was a kid, i too used to wave my hands whn i spot an aeroplane. At that time, being a middle class family, travel by aeroplane was something we cant even dream about.
    but whn i grew up and at last whn I could afford it, somehow, I didn’t find any charm in travel by air – I still fall for the rustic beauty of sleeper class train travel, if I cant ride to the destination.
    I find more joy in flying my bike or car through the empty roads than floating in air 🙂

    But I did made my parents travel by air, and they just loved it. think one day I will try it, just for the heck of it 🙂 thnx for taking me bk to those days whn we used to stand watching the airplane fly by, waving my hand sand wondering whether ppl actually shrink whn plane is so high on the sky…

  2. Have you flown with company? I mean sitting close together in economy class holding hands and sleeping off in each other’s shoulers and things like that?

    If not, be informed that it’s horrible. Dont ever do that.

  3. Anoop> train’s always more fun but the ego boost happens only when you travel by air 🙂

    Mayur > Amen!

    Arun> hehe. I have done it. Its not all that bad. At least for me cos I know very li’l or almost nothing after I doze off. So its usually me on somebody else’s shoulder

  4. Nice one…tend to agree with it though i’ve never explicitly stated the ‘feeling important while flying’ thing…(part of acting like you belong there includes pretending that it is no big deal :)…

  5. 🙂 very cute. the first time i went on a flight, i was alone. i almost boarded the wrong flight, thankfully saved by a sweet indian airlines hostess. who says they are not good enough!
    i had gallons of cola too!

  6. Tell me about it!! When u luk down on a car that seems smaller than an ant and wonder if the person in the car is looking up at you, and when u luk at the mighty mountains being dwarfed, luk at the clouds gracefully bowing to u – It’s an amazing feeling of self-importance and power, now I know how Indra feels adorning his throne in Amaravati or Zeus on Mt. Olympus!!

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