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So much for my happy ending

A good story typically has strong character, a decentish storyline, a few twists, and above all, a happy ending. Its something we’ve been brought up to believe in. Even when the step sisters tortue you or when your step mom tries to kill you or you’re isolated on top of a tower with no door, you perfect ending always finds it way to you. You remember the Cinderalla type stories where the prince is always persistent and comes back to the girl and it all ends with a kiss and the “they live happily ever after” line. You grow up listening to these stories, wide eyed and full of optimism. But in real life, when you meet the frog and kiss him, he doesn’t quite change into a prince. On the contrary, quite a few princes seem to morph into frogs when you open your eyes after the kiss or after the alcohol wears off. Life should ideally be like the ending of Jaane tu yaa jaane naa. You know, where the prince comes riding on a horse, proclaims his love for you to the world and rides away into the sunset with you. Then again, that would be life at its perfect best.

In real life, the big bad wolves seem to outnumber the princes by a very unfair number. Then again, there’s this other kind of story where people cry with you when your life goes kaput and you go through more distress than the heroines of most Tamil mega serials. You know like the Mahabaratha types, people learn lessons from your life, advise others not to make the same mistakes but no one really wants to be you. My bedtimes stories never really featured Mahabaratha’s ending cos you know, its all dark and sad and the kinda story when made into a movie gets critical acclaim. You’re so sheltered from what you’re likely to encouter when you grow up. Its a desperate attempt to protect your innocence. So much for their happy ending stories.


14 thoughts on “So much for my happy ending

  1. They’ve not been the perfect fairytales, perfect endings, the prince charmings… Coz they weren’t ours:) we thought they were, but we know eventually. -It’ll all be perfect when it’s only yours to be:)hug

  2. C’mon….let’s shake it off and move on….but still with the belief that princes do exist…..that’s good for the survival of mankind

  3. Yeah … I am no longer sheltered or innocent for that matter…. as of this very moment life has handed me a very bad hand to play with….BUT — i hope — and therefore I will wakeup 2moro and take that first step — happy endings are of dreams but — hope now that is reality!!!!

  4. Ya rite now you’ll tell kids that boochandi and santa calus don’t exist!

    next you’ll go one step ahead and say that our epics were just good stories and none of em took place.(DMK will recruit you!)

    Lady, It’s called faith. and in indhi they say ‘ummed pe duniya kaayam hain’. You need to have faith, that things will happen no matter how murky things are right now. Its about hoping that the skies will clear and the sun will shine even though it’s been rainging for two days.

    It’s the faith you have that things will fall into plance no matter how convoluted they are right now. What gradwolf said might sure be funny but it makes sense. You need to believe that the prince will come looking for you one day, and I know women who have rally found one.

    Frogs do turn into princes but not literally. I’ve seen dorks turn out to be fine gentlemen and they attribute that to the woman in their lives. Doesn’t the frog-prince analogy apply here?

    Darling, miracles do happen. It only depends on where you look at and how you look at them.


  5. Well , Life’s la that, but i agree with Max. Have faith, n miracles will come ur way, u may never know which one is comin ur way!

  6. Solitaire > hmm.. unreal, not sure, deceiving, most definitely 🙂

    TT > thanks 🙂

    Ela > definitely, this is jus a rant that happens before sense takes over!

    Ree > bang on buddy!

    Mayur > thanks for taking the time out to leave such a nice comment! sometimes you have let it out of your system before peace prevails. This post was just that

    Dharini > thanks

  7. Hi sweetie, long time no see, sorry been busy, but what about u, what are u doing? did u find a job? Did u get married 😉 I ve decided to post again on my english blog, and I tagged u, it s cheesy I know but hey, give me some news 😉

  8. fairytales are prob never true, but i think they give us hope, they instill that faith in us, n more than nethyn, it gives us that chance to romance with life..

    sooo fairytale illusions are necessary to stand up n dare to dream..
    so waht if life in dingy? atleast teh rose-tinted glasses help us looking at it betta 🙂

    cmon ma gurlie, give yourself a reason to smile 🙂

    n may ya innocence remain, in teh face of harsh reality 🙂

  9. Balachandran > true. Just not sure how this is related to what I had to say.

    Cess > haha, you wish. I’m working now. I work for a retail chain’s marketing dept. I’ll send you a nice long email soon 🙂 and I’m doing the tag now!

    Jane > thanks! but that was just a rant.

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