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Simran Thirai

This is something new, its a guest post. Might make it a regular feature if writers block continues for a very long period of time!

In a world where women are trying to become emancipated (in effect, move away from their men), and stand on their own 2 feet, we are still holding, rather the Tamil serials are still holding us back by our balls.  Yes, its true.  In an attempt to break away from the mold, we ironically rely more on stereo types and cliches to help us live on; hoping against hope that these will give us the well-needed roots.  Sadly, though, they will leave us way way behind and will in effect stunt us from any growth.  So, for any of you who dare to read this post after this piece, I beg your forgiveness for typos and orthography.

Sinduja: are u watching that simran thirai?

me: no man.. why you want me to subject myself to such things i say
Sinduja: it is really rubbish
let me tell u the new story
ahem ahem
me: lol
go ahead
Sinduja: starts with seemingly happy family of elder sister married with child, younger sister that is nubile (simran and do we know…or do we know: about the getting married off thing)
the father of the women is also there hoping to find a good match for simran
now husband is psycho: such that he needs a haircut and no one tells him that he needs a haricut.
Sinduja: also, he seems to be harbouring lustful feelings for the younger sister of his wife (brinda das)….and even (apparently) says that if no one else marries her…he will
Sinduja: play scary music….similar to that of psycho stabbing naked woman in shower
he confesses all to his wife….later in thier bedroom…..
can u imagine brinda das’ alsready twisted mouth…when she hears this “TERRIBLE” news…????
her mouth becomes even more konal
however…they all sleep on it…and she gets up in the morning…and goes downstairs to meet her father….
me: oh my good lord
Sinduja: she confesses all after a lot of back and forth b/w them…..and the father looks thunderstruck!!!!
me: its not over yet
Sinduja: remember…all the shots must be done atleast three times…so dayiien…dayieen, dayieen
imagine…seeing the face frozen in that expression
then……here comes the extreme stupidity of the entire plot of the story….(yes..only here)
no one believes her!!!!
was that an anticlimax or what
Sinduja: she is cursed….and asked to relax by the fatehr
then…her husband who has heard everyhting as they are all very used to eavesdropping…..decides to go out for a jog….
please note…there is a way to jog…and the way that ramji did it..is not jogging….
Sinduja: then….simran awakes and decides to go for a bath…..the psycho man hears…..peeks into the bathroom
HIS WIFE!!!!!  oh no oh no
where is the naked nubile beauty????
ho no..ho no
the wife yells at him with her konal mouth…and he asks her to shut her trap….
Sinduja: in the meantime..simran has finished bath…..and meets the sister looking very upset
brinda das spills all to her sis…who looks surprised..shocked…angry
then tells her to realx..and that it is nothing
Sinduja: in the meantime…the father has also joined them..saying “my son-in-law” is a gentleman..and you go around suspecting him of having these lustful thoughts…wash out ur suspecting mind with soap….well…not quite
but then….ho no…..
even more scary music if u please
me: oh god!
Sinduja: the child calls out to her mother…amma…amma…and then……….
rolls down the stairs….
oh no oh no…..
she comes to land at the foot of the stairs..and is immediately picked up and rushed off to hospital
and thats when i stopped watching
i lie….
i waited for the IDHAYAM WEALTH OIL PULLING ad to play…and then i went away
was it not a riveting story???
oh me oh my
now i am tired
Sinduja: if ever, anyone wants the most predictable women’s emancipation stories in the world….please come to me….i have tonnes of them….starting from the “kasturi”…..to “kolangal”….
I hope that this story has given you an insight into the foray of Tamil serials.  Even if this has not deterred you from watching the serials, I hope you do realise that these are not about women’s emancipation, esp. since all the female protagonists have very high unhuman squeaky voices.  Nothin left to say except Toodle-pip!!
The author, Sinduja, is a hyper, tamil serial loving, friend. Her day will be made when Metallica is roped in sing the title music for a Tamil serial. She’s extremely talented and sings the “idhayam oil pulling” ad exactly the way it airs on TV with all the gargling noises.  In her spare time, she’s a freelancing environmentalist. Oh and she also happens to be my cousin!

17 thoughts on “Simran Thirai

  1. Hahaha.. thats funny … what is with these environmentalists watching tamil serials ….hehehe –i belong to the category too (no matter how much they suck –theres something there– that pulls us back in) !!!

  2. LOL I still remember that my granny who has not watched TV in 10 years started watching when she got alone ( grand-dad died). So, everytime her son came from Holland, he’d spend time with her 😀 and she’d watch these serials and go: “Ivale paaru da….avanode sutthitu, ivanode kalyano paninduta” Or, ” ivalikku unnume kozhandai porakale da – nambaath case daan 😉 LOL And my uncle just nods and asks these questions in his broken Tamil – Amma, idu avaloda first marriage aah? 😀 Its H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S

  3. [reason-to-watch]
    It’s got simraaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!

    Is that bathroom scene for real or just exxageration? Coz i’m interested to know how much they’ve pushed the censor blanket on that then!
    Simran bathing=7.6 TRP!

    And its a perfect ply to play on the minds of vetti maamis. They will all get teary eyed and sympathize with the sister duo! and curse that ‘shaniyan’ …

    great concept!

  4. Ok all….you have to wait for me to be “in the zone” again for the rest of the story to make it to virtual print. Please stay tuned for more updates on ……
    SIMRAN THIRAI only on “Ungal Jaya TV-il”

  5. My granny has her own tv too and an easy-chair in front of it. She can fill an outlook calender month-after-month with her schedule for watching these tv serials. Being over 80, she keeps forgetting too, who died in which serial, who married who in which serial, and who divorced who in which serial. In that, comments like – “adada .. ivo nethikkudaane sethhu ponaa?” have become very common in our house! 🙂

  6. wtf!!????
    i watch arasi, n i think it’s got way more sense.. atleast it’s not bathroom peek-a-boo!!

    anyways, what’s this oil pulling all abt?
    i really wann know, i never understood teh ad or teh concept!

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  8. even i watched the day sindhja has described. sindhu is over reacting and exaggerating.that story was indeed much better than normal megas. infact all simran thirai stories were much much better and with lot of quality. it was nn nonsense and not at all boring.

  9. yes. I agree with shoba. sinduja is trying to be over-smart and over-intelligent. tamil serials are daily soaps with expected medium quality. that’s all. Out of the most boring serials simran thirai definitely made lot of difference. atleast there was an effort made to do a story every month. decently gripping and good. chumma vaai pulichudo mango pulichudonnu pesakoodadhu.
    internet kaikku kidaichudennu sindhu edhai vena ezhudhidarannu sonna eppadi thappo avlo thappu ippdi oru good quality effortai kizhikaradhum, kindal pandradhum.

  10. Shoba > its called perspective!

    Siddharth > Good to see they’re keeping someone amused. This is our take on these serials which are mind-numbingly boring and unbelievably retarded. If you feel otherwise, we’re very happy for you. We’re very glad that there are still people left in the world to appreciate such efforts.

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