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Idhayam wealth-in oil pulling!

This is a continuation of the previous post by Sinduja.

I am a big big fan of all ad jingles that I can sing.  What can I say, I have been endowed with a nice(ha) singing (ha-ha) voice (growl) to do imitations of these things wonly. I wish!

Oil-pulling is probably one of the best ads that has been made; to date.  No lies.

The ad plays in the  abridged and unabridged forms (one after the other).  The lyrics go something like this:

Paper paatha oil-pulling (Idhayam wealth)
Radio kaetta oil-pulling (Idhayam weaaaalth)
Internet illum oil-pulling (Idhayam wealth)
Oil-pulling, adhu yeppidi pannuradhuuuu?????
Very simble, very yeffeckchiow
Kale le ezhundhu yedhuvum saapadamai Idhayam wealthe vai le pottu
Nalla Koppilikyanum (make noise of koppilikyal in time to the song: washa washa washa washa wassssha wa)

Appiramai adha thuppidannum
Idha dhan oil-pulling

Oho! Oil-pulling panna??? (talk it)
Panni dhan parungolen (talk it also)
Idhayam wealth oil-pulling
Very simble very yeffeckchiow
Aaaa Haa!!!

Ok…so some of the words are rather incomprehensible and rightly so. You aren’t really supposed to listen to the song so much as watch the pretty lady/ies???? on screen.  They do look nice, but must we be soo confused??? There is one, no are 2, no…is one…..Aaackkk

I dunno.  They both look alike, if they are two girls, and if not, then the one girl looks like two.
After watching the ad, am almost tempted to go through the experience: but am refraining from doing so in case I start to look like two people.
Peace out!!!

27 thoughts on “Idhayam wealth-in oil pulling!

  1. damn! I spent 20 mins researching the benefits.. I still cant understand how gargling cleans body toxins!

    It may strengthn your gums, it may clean your teeth and bad breath. But toxins? Gotta catch the jingle when I get home…

  2. mmm….Oil-pulling curing diseases like arthritis, bronchitis and even caanstipayshun (Haiiiyyooo, Devudaaa! Howwww? Howww, I say!!)! This is taking things a bit too far. Something isn’t quite right somewhere! New therapies, new claims. Idhayam seems to have moved on from mnfg. cooking aayil to medical aayils. Whaatooo whaatu! Idhayam wulth aa? What ‘wulth’ are they talking about, I waant to know, right now? Tell me, tell me, I say!

    PS: Also, see ‘ma! One waard aalso I did naat undershtand maa, frum saangu yexcupt fur –
    “Paper paatha oil-pulling (Idhayam wealth)
    Radio kaetta oil-pulling (Idhayam weaaaalth)
    Internet illum oil-pulling (Idhayam wealth)
    Oil-pulling, adhu yeppidi pannuradhuuuu?????
    Very simble, very yeffeckchiow”.

  3. The Oil Pulling Obsession continues…

    Remember that old Idhayam Nallennai ad where Chitra comes? Also the one which is played on radios?

    “vaangitteengala,, vaangitteengala?”

    that was wayyyy better than this one!

  4. “yeffeckchiow” is bang on! ha ha…

    “so much as watch the pretty lady/ies???? on screen. ” –> oru ladies aa irundhaalum rendu ladies aa irundhaalum adhu ladies dhaan, ‘lady’ nu oru vaarthae kadayaadhu 😀

  5. hello Missy… what kind of ads is it….oil? jeez, the first think i have in mind is olive oil so when i hear oil to clean sounds really weird for me…. 😉
    anything new?
    check out my blog i made a wordle for u 😉 u have to find which one 😉

  6. My uncle asked me to do this oil pulling… I always escaped from doing it.. One fine day i was really forced to do this oil pulling… That day fully i had vomitting sensation.. So please beware of oil pulling !!

  7. Why Idayam gingely oil is very costlier then even Ghee?? Others are selling three times less then their cost. It price keep on increasing even in the poor economic conditions

    No clue why is it so??

    woh, serious question! i don’t know the answer 😛

    • as far as i know, idhayam uses natural crushing method to produce sesame oil. not by the means of refinery. also they don’t mix any palm oil for reducing the cost and they don’t compromise on quality part. as far as advt. is concerned they get subsidised with the volume of sale they do. they export close to 40 countries & does a turnover close to 400 crore.

  8. why costly – Let me try to answer

    Idhayam advertising their products with famous actress, so additional cost added.

    One more thing still our people believes costly products are the only had good quality. So they want to catch those people also

  9. Dear sir/ madam

    I have a 6.5 years experience in Retail sales (B2B), now i am looking for a job near @ Coimbatore.I have a sound and skill full to like interested in FMGC market can u please to find out and as soon as posible

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