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At one point in time, my roommate and I used to wait earnestly for MTV Roadies. I really liked the show cos it was like watching an adult’s version of Mr. Bean, with all due to respect to Rowan Atkinson, of course. What I meant to say is that, it’s something that cracked both of us up, irrespective of what went on on screen! Ranvijay was doing this incredible job of being the leader of the pack of these idiots who would always come up “strategies” and “winning partnerships” and whatnot. Just very technical names for backbiting and snobbery and bitching and plotting and lots of bullshit along the same lines. But that fun unfortunately for me, had to end when I moved to Madras cos of the horrible set top boxes.

Splitsvilla, I hear fills up the void that was left behind by Roadies. Before I let the steam out, here’s a short write up about the show from the site itself.

Two dishy men. Twenty sexy ladies. One villa in gorgeous Goa. And the torrid game of love…

MTV brings you Splitsvilla, the newest, sexiest, naughtiest reality show on television. Two steaming-hot hunks get to pick and choose from 20 sizzling-hot girls based on certain ‘tasks’ they have to perform every episode. (Now, now. Behave!) Obviously the ladies are going to go all out to grab their attention. We mean ALL OUT.
It’s a dirty fight to the finish. We’re going to be lucky witnesses to some unbelievable drama, treachery, sabotage, cat-fights, politics, back-stabbing, bitching and scheming. Watch the girls undergo stress, fear, exhaustion, depression. Watch them try to outdo each other with their womanly wiles (flaunt their stuff and how!) as the two lucky guys sit back and enjoy the show.

“All’s fair in love and war”? You bet.
It’s going to be fun. Lots of fun…!

2 Guys. 20 Girls.

No brownie points for guessing that the head of this retarded pack happens to Ranvijay, yet again. Basically, it’s an extended cat fight. Two guys get to watch a parade of women claw each other out and identify the supposed “love” of their lives. This is snap my fingers and say ‘this didn’t just happen’ bizarre. How retarded and emotionally scarred must a woman be if she must even for a split second, consider putting herself through something as degrading and disturbing as this in the name of quest for love. Ok, I’m being idealistic and taking it at face value. Even I put that aspect of this show aside; and agree to be materialistic; they’re still humiliating themselves in the quest of name and fame. I can’t imagine them living with the image of clawing it out with another woman for a man who’s judging to see if at least one of the twenty is the ‘love’ of his life. The more of think about this show, the more my head spins. WTF, seriously!

I remember going to a zoo and seeing signs that encourage people to be kind to the animals and not prod them or throw things at them. This show promotes it self as a kind of zoo where two lucky (I have lots of adjectives for them and trust me, I do not want to use any of them on my blog for very obvious reasons) men prod women who’ll show fear, depression and flaunt their womanly wiles. Sounds worse than a badly maintained zoo to me. The promo shows 2 bikini clad images punching and clawing each other, manga style, to overpower each other and get to a man. In one of the challenges, women roll in mud and fight to win it. If girl on girl action increases TRP ratings, why waste money in producing a new show. Just download some American porn on the internet and air it during prime time. You get to keep all the money from the sponsors. Where are all the women’s lib organizations and the pseudo feminists in the page 3 circle?

Our idea of entertainment is progressively getting scary by the day. With shows like Big boss and Roadies and Spiltsvilla, sadism seems to be the latest fad. It’s the in thing! Then we’ll have school children being awarded stars for bullying other kids and peeing on their own homework.

PS: Roadies is coming out with a special DVD with cheat codes that will help you crack the next audition and give you and edge over others and help you skip a round or something like that. God help us all!


18 thoughts on “Spiltsvilla

  1. Enna koduma saar idhu. I feel like giving one long thoooooo at the Big Boss participants. Vera velaye illaya? Ppl like Sanjay Nirupam, Rahul Mahajan en al. Worstu…..

  2. I’ve heard of this too! Its great time pass to watch. Its like the Beauty and the Geek show here only geeks run after dumb blondes here.

    @ adi – what is this about Sanjay Nirupam and all?

  3. all this venom, without haveing watched the show i asume!

    To clear the air, they had a mud wrestling contest and the winner gets to spend ‘quality time’ with the guys!

    How do I know this? isn’t that quite obvious? putting my feminist hat aside for 60 minutes on saturday is the best thing i do on weekends!

    I should be the brand ambassador of desi reality shows!

    @nandini nirupam is a MP who is on BigBoss. more here

    ping me if you wanna watch, but dont blame me later

  4. This is like taking us back to our old culture. Only diff is that in old days, guys fight it out to hold a woman’s hand in name of swayamvara.

    Now its the reverse! Hail civilization!

  5. woah, G u are in fire today!!! I know u re right, but i like to watch this stupid stuff, it makes me feel much smarter than these ladies fighting in the mud. 😉

  6. Darling….don’t forget about the 5 lakh rupees that one of the girls takes home if she wins the prize. And if you think about it, 5lakh isn’t really all that much.
    And also, the boy-men-retards are both losers and the women actually look like men.

  7. Entertainment is good,i enjoy it too,but these shows are far from entertainment.They talk about losing values.Being BITCHY seems to b in fashion and thats how these shows r being branded too. Imagine the amount of money wasted on such lousy shows,Im not saying spend it wisely on charity etc but y spend it on shows that jus spreads so much negative energy????

  8. Tore-chur! Tore-chur vonly, this show is! Some of the women are really beautiful and deserve better than smudging each others’ faces with mud and pulling each others’ hair for two complete douche-bags! They need to get a life.

  9. I know what you mean! I watched the show for many weeks but it’s soo icky! Thoo. The girls running around in skimpy clothes and trying to impress two GROSS guys. There was even a “who has the best body” round. What love is this? It’s not even lust. It’s just a cheap excuse for leching, staring, sleeping with one another and having a free stay at a five star hotel. Ugh!

  10. Aditya > same feelings I also have 🙂

    Nandu > that’s another show I have seen random episodes of.. its disgusting.

    Ela > enna ipdi sollitinga!

    Mayur > worsht behavior man you are 🙂

  11. Prashanth > that wasn’t fight pa. it was healthy display of manliness

    Arun > adhe dhaan! for once, yabba 🙂

    Cess > lol. right 🙂

    Sinduja > so fenny man you are sometimes 🙂

    Dharini > bingo.

    Sthitapragnya > getting a life is the key phrase here

    Anu > oh nice! didn’t know about the showcause notice.

    Deepti > free hotel stay it is! 🙂

  12. I think the contests and only the contestants are to blame. Have they no self respect? God! And all for 2 useless boys. Aiyo.
    You think this is bad, you should check out MTV’s meet or delete.

  13. heeeee..

    infat, ya like it or ya hate it, once ya start watching, ya’re bound to watch it.. i give full credit to raghu who’s brain is full of the hair he doesn’t have…
    it’s bitchy, n it’s abt TRP..
    but isn’t that WHAT MEDIA’S all ABOUT??

    but ya point taken, if the west were to be really imitated in terms of television,
    why is tat we only take the worst from them;
    what happended to dexter, prison break, supernatural, my wife n kids, seinfeld, my hero, coupling, grey’s anatomy, desperate housewives, blah blah????

    guess indian television has long way to go!!

    n hey babe, abt pissing on their own hw, completely LOL..

    n the zoos and the animals n the proddig, grt analogy!

  14. Haha! Good one, Gayu! Meet or Delete is another completely useless and retarded show… where two characters who won’t even be allowed to enter a theatre playing some A certified movie, try to please a girl on a date.

    Reality shows are no less…’Garish and Crude’ is an understatement. Someone pls bomb those sets and save us from the overdose of melodrama!

    The TV being an ‘Idiot Box’ was an accurate forecast I say! 😀

    yuck! sometimes I’m glad I don’t get these channels in Madras cos I don’t have a set top box. Their ability to churn out nonsense is also incredible 😛

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