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Cool song crappy video – 2

‘Kadhalan’ was a super duper hit. Don’t ask me how. It’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Especially the scenes where Nagma claims to be a dancer. Like Joey says, I wanted to rip my hands off just so I have something to throw at her. I’m digressing. After the stupendous success of that movie, Prabhu Deva, Nagma and ARR came together for Love Birds which again has a retarded storyline and even more stunted screenplay. This is one of Rahman’s most beautiful compositions. I can’t imagine anyone doing justice to this song other than Hariharan. In fact, at places the Chitra bits are not half as soulful as Hariharan’s.

You would expect a slightly better picturisation for such a lowely composition. But no, we’re subjected to Prabhu Deva’s totally mismatched, high-speed, ridiculous movements and his multi-coloured colothing. Yuck!

PS: This is the video I was referring to, Nagma’s barathanatyam


8 thoughts on “Cool song crappy video – 2

  1. i’ll tell you what. you women have no taste at all! no wonder govinda too is not a hit. he is the true bollywood hero well ahead of his time. who can carry himself with a yellow shirt and red pants with so much grace!

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