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Varanam Aayiram is Gautam Menon’s tribute to his hero. This is his Autograph albeit for a niche audience. Little details in the movie are so personal, like the father Surya calling his son Kiddo, or referring to himself as Dadda or just Simran and Krishna (the father) lying down next to Surya and holding him down. Its something we see everyday around us but so rarely on screen. However, I did get an overdose of the word Daddy by the end of the movie.

Even when people thought Gautam Menon’s track in Minnale was sappy, I found it very cute. So, needless to say, the romantic track between both Krishna and Malini (Simran) and Surya and Meghna (Sameera Reddy) had me going awww. Krishna says ‘Hi, I’m Krishna…’ in that ‘Mundhinam Parthene’ just the way I had imagined it in my head. When Surya fishes out his guitar and starts playing ‘en iniya pon nilave’ it reminded me of Madhavan going down on one knee and singing Happy Birthday in Minnale. Simran looks very cute in both her retro look and her Mummy attire. Super comeback Simran. Meghna doesn’t have too much do other than looking pretty which she does flawlessly. She looks much taller than Surya but they look amazing togther. Priya (Divya Spandana) has a small but very effective role to play. She effortlessly slips into the role and looks her part.


Surya looks gorgeous as both the father and son. He looks hot even in the disheveled junkie look. Like Priya says in the movie, he looks like a million bucks all through. The amount of effort that has gone into both his looks and acting is commendable. He’s re-emerged as the best guy to bet on when it comes to living a part. When he started dancing in Adiye Kolludhey and Anjala, it was hard to believe that its the same guy stood around looking pretty in ‘Aval varuvala.’ When he was showing off his oh-so-hot body, I was drooling all over. Actually the IMA look also worked for me, especially the one shot when he’s out with Priya wearing a formal blue shirt. Sigh!

Thamarai’s lyrics were definitely a highlight as was Rathnavelu’s cinematography. There was also a lot of attention on the props and the sets according to the time period. I was personally thrilled to see to quite a few scenes shot at the Anna Nagar tower. The scenes of his school days and the brawl was shot in a street behind the tower park. Cheap thrills.

The movie worked for me, overall. But there were parts that seemed to be thrown in. Like the whole Delhi kidnapping thing which didn’t work at all. Before you could make sense of the whole new element in the movie, its over and gone. The dialogs were very Gautamish. But at times, I felt there was more English than necessary in the dialogs. Like at places, Deepa Venkat’s dubbing for Simran in English felt a li’l off. It didn’t flow. I actually didn’t mind the length of the movie cos other than the Delhi bit, which was very over the top and unbelievable, everything else fit. Even the constant voice-over when Surya’s on his own without his Dad tries to piece together Krishna’s role in his life was not so bad.

On the whole, I came out of the movie hall feeling good. Waking up at 8 on a Sunday morning wasn’t a waste afterall.

Rating: 4/5


16 thoughts on “Varanam Aayiram

  1. I liked the movie too..it was classic in parts. Overall felt it cud have been better and I heard they are trimming that Delhi bit.

    Yeah, me heard that too! should make it immensely better!

  2. Agree with most of what you say with a few nits to pick.
    Some of the attention that was shown to Suriya’s hot bod could have been spared to showcase the chicks 😛
    Agree totally about the unbelievable nature of the Delhi bit.
    Agreed re. too much unnecessary English. Makes it tough for rural & semiliterate urban audiences.
    Overall feel-good movie, that I walked out of feeling it was worth the money & time.
    One major disappointment is the gratuitous depiction of premarital sex involving two of the three lead women. Not a good example to set.
    I get the sinking feeling that Kollywood is just aping Bollywood.

    I don’t see this as an example or a way to lead life. I didn’t feel there was any vulgarity in the way it was depicted. it went well with the flow of the movie. Didn’t leave me feeling squirmy. These things have always happened around us, be it good or bad. Now, people are at least finding the courage to admit it. I feel that’s a good sign. Especially if you think its not a good thing. Cos identifying a problem is half the battle won.

  3. I love that Mundhinam & Nenjukkul Songs 😀
    And Surya too 😀 He’s so yumm!

    Oh yeah, songs were picturised beautifully! my fav was Anjala song. Don’t get me started on Surya’s yumminess. Sigh!

  4. Adangappa… idhu too much! 4/5 ellam akramam! Indha padathoda review la ithana +ves ezhudha mudiyum nae now only I realize!

    For me, it was a bad Goutham movie. Only gud in parts. Over all, a dampener!

    I read your review 🙂

  5. Dei, movie review’nra perula “OMG surya is SO HOT im falling off the chair, LMAO, ROTFL” a decent’a maathi maathi bayangara discrete’a adichi irukka. adinga! 😛 oor pakkam vantha odane onnaye oru kai paakkaren 🙂

    Paathutu sollu! 🙂

  6. haha! I had never heard that pratap song before and fell in love with it!

    thnx for the trivia abt the song and the lady in it! The use of english appealed to me for even I am an anglicized tam! But then I guess it didn’t mix well with chennai sarakku!

    See, that’s how we talk at home. But some of it seemed a li’l too strained. Didn’t quite flow. Could’ve also been just the dubbing.

  7. I agree with Mr.Vijay about his comments on premarital sex scene. otherwise the movie was good, could have been better. there’s not only too much unnecessary English but HIndi here & there as well. Suriya’s body is displayed more & more in this movie. I feel it’s getting more like bollywood where their heroes are mostly built/ heroines are sexy-maxi & their bodies are exposed throughout the movie. they should look at this factor otherwise tamil movies will lose their quality where people watch movies just to look at these ‘exposed’ rather than going for the story… it’s a disappointment to watch sex scenes in a good family story movie where u can’t watch it with your family. It could have been shot in a more vivid manner.

    I didn’t find anything vulgar or unwanted about the ‘pre-marital sex’ scenes as you call them. It went well with the flow of the movie. In fact, I would’ve found it unnatural that they stayed together for so long and acted prude! But then again, that’s just me

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  9. Surya looks like the loot from a swiss bank robbery – million bucks seemd a lil stingy sorry:p.

    Wait up for Dostana ppl .

    Dostana also up now! 🙂

  10. Mix “Autograph” & “Thavamai thavamirunthu” ask surya to become Dhaush, give the effects of maniratnam style to story telling…thats “Vaaranam aa..for you”

    To some extent. But it ain’t as simple as it sounds!

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