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Dostana – Yabba!

Dostana, as the everyone now knows, is the story of two men, John Abraham (oh quite hot!!) and Abhishek (oh so fat!) who move in with a very hot Priyanka Chopra claiming to be gay. Eventually, they fall in love with her and to add to the on-going nonsense, she falls for her boss (Bobby Deol). Who she ends up with is the big question that’s answered predictably so at the end of the movie.
If you’re one of those prude people who has very strict notions of what or how much should be shown on screen or if you’re homophobic or a gay rights activist, please go do something else. This movie is not for you.
Abhishek has a superb dialog that he says to Priyanka towards the end. He says “how much of a fool are you” and turns away in full anger. The two men are constantly out doing each other to get her attention. She still doesn’t have the vaguest idea they might be interested in her. The bit with John doing the whole dinner and Kuch kuch hota hai thing is the saddest. I’m pretty sure that when they were aping the dancing in the rain sequence, Priyanka Chopra was wearing Kajol’s in-skirt (ul pavada) from the original. We really really need some fresh thinking when it comes to the wooing and romantic bit. Actually I didn’t quite understand the what the surprise was when Abhishek took her to that fair. Other than of course it was empty. Anyway!
She also goes out of her way to be extra weird around them and wears sheer lingerie and teddys in the house. I didn’t quite get this attire for watching a horror movie. The portions with the maasi and Kiron Kher just make me want to reach inside my throat and gag. Some of Abhishek’s clothes were so uncool and just plain ugly. John of course hardly wears any. Bobby’s shiny suits are not my idea of fashion but apparently they’re hip. Priyanka wears minimal but stylish clothes. Especially some of her dresses were very chick. The entire movie just moves along without any real point. It kinda ends the same way without too.
So did i not like anything? Not really. Some of the jokes are quite funny. Especially the scene where Priyanka Chopra thinks all 3 of them are in love with Bobby. Some parts with the kid is also quite funny. I was quite disgusted with Boman Irani. Not even sure why he was in the movie. The songs were dancy but will definitely be forgotten by the time the next movie with more skin comes. But 2 days after watching the movie I’m still humming Desi Girl much to everyone’s annoyance. Total timepass if you’re game for mindless entertainment.

Rating 2/5


5 thoughts on “Dostana – Yabba!

  1. you watching two movies within 5 days! I’m impessed…

    i think i shud make a post out of it, so i’ll save my views for there…

    PS: start replying to comments you fool!

    I’m quite impressed too! I always mean to reply to comments but somehow never. Now, I will! I want to read Dostana review. Pleaase put up!!

  2. he he, I saw it last week and i liked it, i m not Indian, so i was not judging it by the Indian standard, but i thought it was funny, i probably did not catch everything but i was not bored with the length of it, i don t say it s best movie i ever saw but men John was pretty hot ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cess, you watched the movie! Super i say ๐Ÿ™‚ John definitely was hot only he couldn’t act too well!

  3. Ok…so we see you are having very productive evenings and Sundays, watching movies….
    John Abraham still looks like he should “please have a bath”, and I think AB’s baby is having a baby {complete with sympathy putting on weight and everything- altho I don’t think Ash is in the family way}.
    Piggy Chops is hot, but must we be so cliche???
    Cmon people, a few movies about pain and suffering of the common (wo)man, what say???

    that’s what we have tv soaps for! Not again in movies! noooo

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