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Nerdy wedding

Ok, here comes the first official announcement on my blog. I’m getting married! The big day is about 3 and half months away. The typical bride is supposed to be busy and flustered with loads of things waiting to be done. Apparently there’s lots of things that i need to do too. But i somehow keep telling myself that there’s still time. Something similar happened with the engagement as well. I kept telling myself that 20 days is more than enough time to get 2 blouses stitched. When i finally realised it was time to head to the tailor, there was 5 days left for the engagement. So having been left with no other choice, i got my blouses stitched with Raju Urgent tailor next to Abhirami theater. Not to say he’s bad or anything cos he saved my day but it wasn’t my ideal ‘designer’ scenario.
Coming back to the matter at hand, i have my cousin driving me to at least get things started. Given my obsession with making lists, i decided to turn to my other obsession, the internet, for help.
Slightly digressing, since the wedding got fixed, we wanted to chronicle the days leading upto the wedding. Not just RC (the boy) and me, but also everyone who’s a part of it, like friends and tech savvy family. So my cousin, Chikku, started a blog for the wedding. Its called ‘My Whole Nine Yards.’ (No link here cos its an invite only blog). She puts up updates very once in a while on the status of events with guest posts from the two of us.
Coming back to the topic at hand, i now have 3 google docs that i share with the family. One has the guest list. The guests are divided into categories and sub divided into mode of invitation. Then there’s another doc with my list of things to do, stuff to buy, deadlines, follow ups and what not! The next one is my most favorite list. It has all the music that we want to play at various functions in the wedding, starting with the mehendi. These songs are sub divided according to language. Phew, these are all the excel sheets i have for now. Nerdy enough? Or have i left out something?


9 thoughts on “Nerdy wedding

  1. Hey congrats. Hope things go as per the plan. 🙂

    Here’s what you can do to make it more nerdy:
    1. RC and you can start twittering.
    2. Beam your marriage live.
    3. Use some software to see how you might look in different hair styles and make ups.


    ahem, what I didn’t mention in the post is that RC is very technologically challenged 😛 So that eliminates options 1 and 2. option 3 sounds do-able. should check it out 😀

  2. Great wedding planning really 🙂 I mean the google docs !! Wedding in a mantap or virtual in the NET ??? 😉 Advance wishes and prayers for a wonderful wedded life…

    hehe! we haven’t got there yet 🙂

  3. phew…it sounds scary….u know that’s why i always prefer running away…with all the planning, shopping and standing for the tailors to take measurements…So congratulations…both for the wedding and pulling the plannings through!

    Trust me, that was my first option too! sooo much more convenient 🙂

  4. Congrats Gaya3! All the very best.

    On ur internet Addiction,Y not get married online too,may be via Email,or Chat, or video Conf…:))))

    Awaiting a blog on Royal Challenge ( Oops,RC:))))

    hehe.. not there yet!

  5. Goodness! Thats EXACTLY what I have been doing! Apart from gushing about it on the blog, that is!!!
    Thank god Im not the only one around :D!!!
    Congratulations and all the best!
    Maybe we can swap notes sometime 😛

  6. Don’t forget to smile and look pretty, while hyperventilating on the inside.
    And not to forget, humming along to the music, dancing and eating

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