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Rozabal line by Ashwin Sanghi

Historical fiction is possibly the most abused genre of writing. This book, written on the much hyped topic of the sacred feminine, the holy grail and the divinity of Jesus Christ is overwhelming to say the least. The book starts off with the discovery of a severed head in a library by a librarian in a university library in the US. Everything that takes from that point is kinda muddled. For one, there’s every single concept you can think of in this journey starting from controversy of Christ birth to the discovery of his bloodline in 3 continents, to past life regression to Islamic terrorism to the Illuminati to the US presidency’s involvement to in the cult organisation to Skull n bones to Hatha Yoga to Buddhism to parallelism between religions to the sacred feminism to Japanese killers to Hindu astrologers to past life regression to ufff, you get the drift.
After the first 100 pages or so, I lost sight of the theme of the book and its flow that keeps travelling through various time periods. The sub-standard editing doesn’t help the digressing plot of the narration even little.
In all, unless you’re curious, I suggest to stay away from this book which is an effort to re-narrate an already sensationalised story line with a desi touch.


3 thoughts on “Rozabal line by Ashwin Sanghi

  1. phew.. reading the review itself made my head spin – thnx for the warning, will keep away from this one 🙂

    hehe! but apparently someone did like the book, so read the blurb maybe 🙂

  2. wow…honestly brutal.
    but one can only do so much on a topic and dan brown has already milked it for all its worth!

    Don’t even get me started about Dan Brown. He could’ve written it as a script for a Tamil movie, you know, the A class intellectual ones 😛

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