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Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter

I seem to be on a bad-books cycle. Maybe I need to do a cleansing ritual and finish reading the Stephen King I took a break from cos I was creeped (?) out.

This book was read on a recommendation from a colleague, who handed out a copy to me when I told him I wanted to read something funny. This book ended up being funny where it wasn’t meant to be. Most of these chick-lit books are like Tamil movies. Every single director claims its a story with a difference and that the treatment is very fresh but they all end up being much like the few 100 love stories that were made before it. This book is no different.

Emily Albright, 29, single and manager of a bookstore is a Jane Austen freak and signs up to go on a Pride and Prejudice tour to England after a string of lousy dates in the hope of reveling in the memory of her perfect man Fitzwilliam Darcy, the protagonist of the book. Her hopes are crushed when she finds out that she’s the only one in the tour who’s under 60. Predictably so, a journalist who comes to cover this tour, Spike Hargreaves, is the only other youngster (?) there. He is a prick or so she thinks. The twist in the story is that Mr. Darcy from the book actually comes alive and meets Emily. She realises, in due course, which is the looooong narrative that she’s not in love with Mr. Darcy and just what he stands for. In the meanwhile, Spike, who can’t even stand her to begin with, professes undying love for her and she still thinks of him as a rowdy. After some long winded explanations, she realises his goodness and falls in love with him.

The book ends with Emily realising that coordinator of the tour was none other than Jane Austen (in spirit, it seems) who helped her find her true love.

In all, its a pretty ordinary storyline and a long winded narrative. You can give it a miss unless someone thrusts a copy in your hand like it happened with me!


5 thoughts on “Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter

  1. Ugh…reminds me of the bad-book cycle that I had a while ago. I broke it by doing an in-depth burrowing into the Calvin and Hobbes world. What bliss it is. Finish the Stephen King. I wanna borrow when you finish.

  2. I wanted to get my hands on this book…after reading your review, i think i’ll leave it for later!

    hehe.. not unless you were planning to buy it from Landmark 🙂 ok, bad one!

  3. I have not read this book, but I WILL after reading your review. Why? Simply because I like romantic stories revolving smouldering Mr Darcy much better than raking my brain over “serious” literature, or having my stomach revolted by murderous ones. Thanks for the tip. I have not come across it so far!

    you’re welcome. I love sappy romantic books. I feed on them. I just don’t like badly written, flimsy storylined (?) uwaack books and this is just one of them. Again, perspective I guess.

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