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New Year Mania!

Its that time of the year again. Lists are being made, lots of reminiscing happening, resolutions are being dusted out and recycled, party plans being finalised and more than anything, renewed optimism about the year to come. I feel strangely detached.

Not that I’ve ever really made ‘New year’ plans. I’ve slept through most of them. Or at the most, woken up to reply to calls and messages at 12 and promptly gone back to sleep. But this year, the biggest bummer is that, I’m going to be working on the 1st. Something about some logistic issues or something equally bizzare that I didn’t bother to even pretend to understand. In spite of not having any party plans (no plans, actually), I feel very let down and cheated.

The peer pressure is getting to me. Just saying things like I’m going sleep through the new year and wake up to work the next morning or I don’t really care about the new year fuss, makes me feel pretty ancient. Maybe my new year resolution should be party more and feel young?

Ah, just forget it, I don’t really care and I’m going to sleep through it, yet again. Or maybe I should just accept the fact that my life is boring and watch Titanic for the umpteenth time. In Tamil, maybe, this time?



9 thoughts on “New Year Mania!

  1. Lol @ watching titanic in Tamil…I hate those dubbed versions!
    Yea, I know what you mean by not having new year plans…i dont see the big deal in it either, although I enjoy making and not following resolutions!
    Anyway…Happy 2009!!

  2. happy new year in advance… get some friends to come to your pad or go to their place, get a bottle of good wine, some olives and cheese and do a night out – this is my new year bash for the last 3-4 years… πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Gai3,Wish u a happy new year in advance.On new year plans,Be happy doin whatever ur doing-Sleeping or partying.No clue what i wud be doin either!!
    Since ur at work,take sme time out at midnight n go fer a drive if poss…good fun.That way technically u can tell ppl u were out at NY time:)))

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