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Street shopping

The weekend saw some good old street shopping at Colaba. The old world elegance and laid back nature of South Bombay suddenly feels more bohemian around this shopping area. There are times when foreigners out number the locals at one of the many famous joints on this road. Its definitely a paradise for street shoppers cos in addition to the usual stuff that is available on your Linking Rd/Hill Rd shops, there are loads of shops that sell some very beautiful silver jewellery. There are also these antique shops on the roads that sell everything from an old out of tune trumpet to a brass air horn to a marble chess board to clocks that are used on ships! A very patient husband and two hours later, I was left with 2 pairs of earrings, one pair of slippers, one dhoti pant and 4 tops. In all, it was some really good shopping that was easy on the pocket.

If Bombay Times is to be believed, dhoti pants is supposed to be the in-thing after the latest Lakme Fashion week! Who needs all these designer pants when you can get them for Rs. 150 in some very nice patterns in almost all of the shops on the street. It is almost as pointless as Shopper Stop wanting to sell Zoozoo T shirts months after shops on Linking Rd started selling them for Rs. 150!

PS: Again, blue was the colour of the season. I ended up buying a pair of silver earrings with blue stones, one blue shirt and a pair of blue slippers 🙂

I think orange should be my next blue!


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