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When 2 stalwarts meet!

I discovered Ilayaraja when I was in my 9th or 10th std. I heard ‘Kalyana Thennila’ one day and fell in love with his music. Since then, my love for his music has only grown immensely. Raja become a integral part of my life. I have a Raja song for every mood, every emotion and every situation. The more I listened to his music, the more I realised his sheer genius. His arrangements and preludes and subtelty play with you so much that his songs as fresh the zillionth time as it did the first time it took your breath away. It could be as simple a tune as a ‘Maanguyile’ or as complicated as ‘Isayil Thodanguthamma’!

SPB was my mom’s favourite singer, he is my favourite singer, and I he will, in all possibility, be my child’s favourite singer! He singing tease you, plays with you, talks to you and whispers to you in a way that is so personal that you feel a connection. His voice feels just as fresh to me today as it did in Ayiram Nilave vaa. I can’t imagine Sakalakala vallavan, Sippikul Muthu, or even Muthu without this genius.

When these two stalwarts come together, can it be anything but sheer pleasure!

I have posted 2 songs that are among my favourite SPB – Ilayaraja combination. Both these songs have a similar tune and feel. Even though they’re years apart, they’re just as wonderful. The song from Rajakumaran is one of their less known gems. What is your less known SPB – Ilayaraja favourite?


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