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Raja rajathaan! Part 2

Here’s the next installment of my favorite Raja hits!

Kodai kaala katre

Prathap Pothen, Mohan, Ramarajan – these are heros who got wonderful songs from Raja even if their movies turned out to be crappy. Not to say that this a crappy movie. Actually, I’ve watched this movie only once and all I remember is the songs. In this movie, it’s very tough to pick between this song and Aananda Ragam. I wanted to include this song cos I feel its one of those less known gems of Raja that was simply overtaken by a more popular song from the same movie.

When I listen to this song I fall in love with Raja’s orchestration and harmony all over again. Not to mention the wonderful prelude that just transports you to another place in your head. The slightly off sounding Malaysia Vasudevan only adds to the beauty of this wonderful lilting melody.

Un Parvayil

From Kaalai nera poonguyil to Namma kada veedhi, this movie has both the quintessential Raja melody and typical folksy beats. This one is however my favourite. A combination of Yesudas and Chitra, this song has a very breezy melody. Every time I listen to this song, it gives me the feeling of a pleasant evening walk on a foggy mountain!


This is a typical case of a great song with a crappy video. Both Rathi and Baghyaraj look horrendous. A typical Bharatiraja type set up with many aimless girls in white running all over a field. Even if I make my peace with the girls and the horendous lead pair, I just can’t get over the random pose striking through the song!

However, its an evergreen favorite of mine just for its complicated sandham and melody. I do wonder, however, how this song might have turned if sung by another singer like, say, Janaki.

Andha Kandamani

Kamal haasan – Ilayaraja always turns out to a formidable combination. This movie, Virumandi, came out at a time when Ilayaraja was largely believed to have crossed his prime. But he made everyone who said that eat their words and how. Even though I love Unna Vida from this movie, this song ranks a little higher.

And this is why. The arrangement in this song blows me every time I listen to it. This song could’ve been another “thiruvizha” song with just jang-jang type violins in the middle to convey the grim mood. The way he’s used voices including his own here shows that the man is capable of reinventing himself after decades of excellence.

Ye Aiyasami

First things first, Karthik looks gorgeous in this movie. I think in this movie, he showed glimpses of Mano from Mouna Ragam. I feel no one has been able to pull of this sort of boyishness with such style and charisma in Tamil cinemas since Karthik.

I love the way this song progresses from a teasy tone to a rendition brimming with love and beauty. It not only makes this transition but manages to end with the same boyishness it started with.

More of my Raja favourites to follow 🙂


6 thoughts on “Raja rajathaan! Part 2

  1. I love the first and last songs in this list. Though from Varshan 16, Pazhamudhir Cholai is my favorite too. Kodai Kala Kaatre I became a fan of after listening to Gautham Menon’s brief cover during the credits of Vaaranam Aayiram.

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