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Kamal was, is and always will be the master of comedy of errors. Be it MMKR, Sathileelavathi, Panchatantiram or Avvai Shanmugi. In fact, I would rate the last 20 mins of Sathileelavathi as the best comedy of errors sequence in Tamil cinema ever. Its filled with blink-and-you-will-miss kind of dialogues. Like when Heera says, unga wife, thiruthani or when Kamal says kattipudi da. There are so many layers to his comedy that you can watch it over and over again and still discover a dialogue or a flicker of emotion that you didn’t catch earlier.

The most enjoyable part of MMA, the last 20 mins, has all of these elements. In fact, at that point, I found it hard to believe that Crazy mohan wasn’t a part of MMA. The fake srilankan lover, drunken stupor of Sangeetha, the little boys with the whole muthram joke and a small moral-of-the-story dialogue at the end are all straight out of a crazy mohan drama!

The fact that the movie seemed like it could’ve been an adaptation of a Crazy play was also my issue with it. The story was, to say the least, shaky. Why would someone take a sort my life out trip 3 years after a tiff with the boyfriend? Why would Trisha fall in love with Kamal? Trisha with her Tamil is not even close to being convincing as a poet! The first half has a story that just refuses to move and the last 20 mins moves at a breakneck speed.

In spite of all of these shortcomings, the realness in the movie was such a welcome change after drab (albeit good) village subjects the was hard to relate to. Sangeetha’s characterisation and acting is top notch! Her comic timing is only next to Kamal’s. Its nice to know we can have some real women, with real problems in our movies and take about divorce and alimony in a matter of fact way. That little boy is a brilliant find. Trisha’s nuni naaku tanglish suits the character until she claims to be a poet. Must say, she looks fab! Kamal, you need to start consulting Rajni in the makeup department. Too much kezha look in closeups. Gautami’s costumes are contemporary and believable.

Overall, go for a few laughs. This movie will not take your breath away but its good to have vintage Kamal back even if its only a fraction.


3 thoughts on “ManMadhanAmbu

  1. I’m surprised you thought Sangeetha in the movie was shown as "real women with real problems talking about alimony" – for most of the movie they showed her as a loose woman with questionable morals who – among other things – would marry a man just for the money (and advise her friend to do so). The divorcee stereotype was borderline offensive.

  2. I like Sangeetha characterisation for the simple reason that she was as real as any divorcee you would come across in real life. Bitter about marriage and all things associated with it. For me, the big step forward was that we could have a woman like this in the lead and talk about her life in a lighthearted way.

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