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How much is too much

Today, I saw someone I know post a condolence message on Twitter to a common friend who had lost someone very close. My immediate reaction to that was it shouldn’t be up on Twitter. Something as huge a loss as this and as personal I felt was not appropriate to be shared on a public platform like Twitter. At least its not something I can decide for someone else. That brings me to my question – How much is too much to share online?

I’m paranoid when it comes to sharing too much personal information online. So much so that every person on my Facebook account is bucketed into lists and each list has a defined access level. Until now, I’ve never had my picture up on any of my online platforms, including Flickr (not counting Facebook, of course). I know a lot of people who’re like me. In fact, some of my friends will never buy anything online for the fear of CC theft. All my paranoia aside, my blogs have always been very personal. I’ve shared some of my deepest emotions & feelings there. It has helped me clear my head when there was no other way for me to deal with the situation at hand. I’ve often got kind words of advice/caution/concern from people I hardly knew. But at that point it helped me get by. So how much is too much for you?


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