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Mumbai Marathon – 2011

This year the Mumbai Marathon had a special significance for me – R, the husband, was running the marathon. He had been training for about 4 months and excitement levels were running high. He wanted to run the half marathon but since there were no slots available, he registered for the full marathon anyway hoping to finish half of it. I decided to tag along with him to the marathon start point to cheer him on. I’m not going to write about his run or the event and will attempt to record it through pictures.

At Azad Maidan before the start of the run, full of adrenaline!

The participants had a different gate to the flag off point. By the time went all around the ground and reached the flag off point, they had already started the run. 

The flag off point at VT

The plan was to meet the husband at Bandra Reclamation which was the point a little past the 21km mark. While I waited for the husband to show up, I caught some lovely runners. 

Going strong and steady at 25km mark.

R ran 30km in 3hr 28min. This was more than what he had hoped to run especially with an ankle that was troubling him for over a week before the run

At home, all drained and dead. But can’t stop smiling

You can find the entire set from the run here

PS: If there are pictures of you or anyone you know from the marathon and you want me to send it across to you, leave a comment and it’ll be done!


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