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I don’t know what to call this


I was flipping through channels last night when I happened to see this. Just when I thought I had seen the worst this woman had to offer, she comes back with a surprise, and how! 

Which brings me to my longest standing grouch with Tamil television. Our hosts need to discover the concept of a stylist! I’m not talking about the kind of styling that probably goes on in Koffee with Karan. I’m not even saying our hosts should be able to rattle off names of designers or be able to talk about the season trends! I’m talking about being presentable. When you know you’re over weight (which I’m assuming you do), you do not wear sheer sarees or clothes that bunch up around your middle. Sleeveless clothes are not a good idea for people who have fat arms. If you don’t have nice legs, don’t wear skirts. Simple right? Its possible to look elegant without spending a bomb on so-called designer clothes and this is essential if you want people to see you day after day for almost 6 months and not die in shock or embarrassment. This is why styling on television is sometimes more critical than styling in even a movie.

And styling doesn’t just stop with the clothes you wear. It also means that your hair is set nicely and you wear accessories that look nice on you and go with what you’re wearing. 

But even by our low standards, this woman is two, three, four much! Goundar has the best line for this.


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