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My perfect Rahman playlist – 2

This is a continuation of Part 1 from here.


16. Strawberry Kanne – Minsara Kanavu

I have some really bizzare vivid memories associated with a few things in life and this song is one of them. The memory is that of a contest that was run on TV a few days after the movie was released asking people to identify 3 government employees who make an appearance in this song. For the life of me, I still don’t know who they are. Someone pls tell me you remember that contest!! But the one thing I know is that this is the song where I fell in love with KK. Its a lovely composition that just flows effortlessly! Helps that it also has the sweetest choreography!


17. Narumugaye – Iruvar

I love absolutely everything about this song. What beautiful Naatai this is! That is of course if you close your eyes and block out the visuals which has an extremely ungraceful Madhubala and laughable Mohanlal!! Bombay Jayashree sounds like a dream! Every time she sings, Otrai parvai paathavanum Neeya, I get all goosebumpy.




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