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The love story continues…

My Bombay love continues with this post, please bear.

South Bombay has always held a special charm for me. I think its the architecture that did it for me. The old buidlings with their intricate carving, high celings, long winded pathways, laid back nature of the people, tourists thronging, crowded railway stations and what not! As you can see, I’m not doing a very good job of putting down in words what I feel for the place. So, here are some pictures of South Bombay I’ve clicked over the last few days (most of them at the MWS Photowalk). These pictures are all the more special cos I’ve shot them on film (more on this later).

The Iconic VT Station

The old world charm that’s hard to miss

The lazy Sunday morning in all its glory just made it so much more beautiful

These beautiful faces that haunt me wherever I go

More pictures here


2 thoughts on “The love story continues…

  1. BEE YUU TIFULL. A friend and I did something similar during Kalaghoda. It was a little more crowded, but SoBo on a Sunday, heavenly. Loved the angles.

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