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Chocolate cupcake and a question

Monday morning blues are hyped. I think Sunday evening blues are way more painful. One of the best ways to overcome that for me is baking. I’m not a big chocolate lover. But i was in the mood to make the perfect chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. After reading through hajaar blogs, i had my recipe. This is one of the moist and spongy cupcakes I’ve had. But its not sweet or rich enough to be eaten with out any frosting. The chocolate sour cream frosting was both sweet and rich and complemented the cupcake perfectly. But i don’t think I’ve found my perfect chocolate cupcake yet. So i’m not putting the recipe up here yet. Also, I’m feeling lazy. So, i’m going to leave you with some pictures.

Also, i need to ask my very few but esteemed readers a question. I’ve been using this space to post both much general rants as well as my food posts. Should i maintain an exclusive food blog? If yes, what kinda stuff would you want to see there? Though i’ve been dabbling with the idea of a food blog for a while now, i guess i need that final nudge. Thanks for the support.


7 thoughts on “Chocolate cupcake and a question

  1. Keep ’em separate. Experience speaketh. Rants ought never be mixed in with the good stuff, one day they bite your behind – just saying :)so whatever happened to the other blog I have on my reader? That choc cupcake looks delish. 🙂

  2. I like them together. It’s a wonderful change everytime I come here 🙂 But so upto you.I’m lazy to log into different blogs and do different things. I do it with my blog, but that’s because I do it with my husband and he doesn’t agree with half the stuff I write on my personal blog 😛 so not fair to use that for my food blog.

  3. Hey bumness, keep it separate as it makes the blog more purposeful and focused. The rants are more private while the food blog can have a wider, generic audience.Actually, don’t bother posting – use that time to cook 🙂

  4. rads, the other one you have on your reader is the wordpress one no? don’t use it anymore. moved to posterous a while back. maybe i should put up a post there saying so or just shut it!nandu, haha, its only because i made him give me like 10 options for name for the food blog 😛

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