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Raaja’s corner

I’ve wanted to do a Raaja @kweezzz for ever now. But someone I’ve never found the time (read discipline) to book a slot and actually get down to doing it. So I’ve decided to do a Raaja kweezzz on this blog! 

The theme for today is Raaja and Janaki. It may not be an exaggeration to say that Janaki owes her career to Raaja. He has given her some of his best numbers right from his first film. Janaki is truly a versatile singer. She’s the only one that can pull off a singara velane, a nethu raathri & a kotta paakku with equal elan. Today’s collection are some of my favorite songs in this combination.

Here are the rules:

There are 10 songs here. Identify them and email the correct answers to jestme(dot)blog(at)gmail(dot)com. No answers in the comments please! I’ll post the answers on 21st oct.

Hopefully, you’ll revisit some of your old favourites.



Track 1 – Oru Vanavil from Kaatrinile Varum Geetham

Track 2 – Aathu metula from Ponumani

Track 3 – Thendral Vanthu from Avatharam

Track 4 – Anbe Vaa Arugile from Kili Pechu kekava

Track 5 – Oru Maina Kunju from Oru Oorile Oru Rajakumari

Track 6 – Ponmeni from Moondram Pirai

Track 7 – Kungumam Manjalukku from Enga Mudhalali

Track 8 – Ival oru from Brahma

Track 9 – Emani nee from Mantrigari Vinyankudu

Track 10 – Azha kadalil from Sattam En Kaiyil

Winner of the Quiz is Saravana Kumar. He got all 10 right.

Senthil Kumar – 9
Kamesh Ratnam – 8
Mavu Urundai – 8
Aakarsh – 8
Siva KG – 6
Suresh – 4
Sundar Vel – 2

Thank you so much for the enthusiasm and support. Maybe I’ll do a round 2 🙂


3 thoughts on “Raaja’s corner

  1. Obviously know too little tamil music to even think about participating in such a quiz. Have you heard Illaiayaraja’s song naguva nayana from the movie Pallavi Anupallavi? It’s in kannada, and was Mani R’s first movie ever. But one of my all time fav melodies by Illaiyaraja!

  2. kusublakki – I have!! In fact, that is one of the few non Tamil albums for Raaja i’ve heard. Must say its a brilliant one 🙂

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