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Raaja’s corner – 2

I’ve decided to do a short one this time with just 5 questions. This entire set has erotic numbers of Raaja. He’s something of a master when it comes to this genre. He knows exactly how to set the right mood. He does a highly sophisticated number and a one that is down raunchy (so much so that you can’t even listen to it with family) with equal grace. 

Each audio is a prelude or interlude of a Raaja number. You will need to identify the song (& movie if you know it). Email me your answers at jestme(dot)blog(at)gmail.com by Sunday, 6th November.

In addition to all of them being erotic numbers by Raaja, they also have another similarity. You get an extra point if you catch it!

PS: Heartfelt condolences to Ilayaraja who lost his wife yesterday. May he have the strength to tide through this sad time.

I have been preparing for this quiz for about a week now. I thought long and hard about whether this might be inappropriate considering the circumstances. But I have decided to go ahead with this anyway ‘cos I only look at this as a celebration of his music. 

Answer: Unakkum Enakkum from Sri Raghavendra 

Answer: Oru Maina from Uzhaipali

Answer: Theeradha vilayattu pillai from Netrikann

Answer: Maasi masam from Dharma durai

Answer: Adikudhu kuliru from Manan


The connect, of course, is that they’re all Rajni songs!

@skrajiv – 6/6

maavurundai – 6/6

vageesan – 6/6

Saravana kumar 6/6

Kamesh Ratnam – 5/6

@atlasdanced 5/6

Sud Gopal – 3/6

Aakarsh – 3/6

@inbavalli – 2/6

bedazzled – 2/6


Congrats guys 🙂


2 thoughts on “Raaja’s corner – 2

  1. The effort you’ve taken to put all this together shows your love for the composer and his music. Kudos to you. 🙂

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