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Being mommy

I've been absconding from this space from quite a while now. My excuse is, if i can call it that, i was busy being pregnant. Baby S was born on the 1st of September. I was so busy trying to get through the pregnancy in one piece that i forgot to prep for the mommydom that followed. Though Im not sure what exactly i could've done to get used to feeling like a cow. Literally and otherwise. Today, we complete 50 days of being mommy & i can already sense what the coming years have in store for me.

I already seem to have run out of things to talk about. Every conversation somehow seems to find its way to sleepless nights, excessive kakkal & projectile shitting. My clothes have this constant baby smell that is mostly masked by the smell of baby S's no 1 & 2. The hair stays in a bun that gets messier by the day. I took a walk by myself two weeks ago only to receive an SOS call in 5 mins. I have been truly dragged over to the dark side.??

This is my way of warning you for some more #beingmommy posts that are coming up.??

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