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All things neon

For someone who doesn’t have a job and is covered in baby food most of the time, I follow way too many fashion blogs. There’s, of course, Pinterest. Neon seems to be the colour scheme of the season. I may not be able to pull off neon clothes but check out these accessories from my recent buys.


In clockwise direction:

This yellow bag is lovely and compact for a night out. Fits basics like money, some makeup, keys & a phone. The next item is a key pouch. It can hold about 3-4 keys and is easy to carry around. The green watch is one of my favourites. I originally bought it in yellow almost a year and a half ago on the streets of colaba. More recently, I saw this in chennai as well. While this watch may not be functionally great, it does brighten up a dull day. The last one is my favourite. It’s a notepad with a Lego cover and lock. You can make any pattern you like on the cover or use it as an innovative lock. The best part is that the cover slides off. So, you don’t need to worry about having to throw it away when you run out of pages.

Do you have any interesting neon buys?


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