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I wore this today

If you’re on Instagram, you would definitely have heard of @fatmumslim and her photo a day challenge that she runs every month. I’ve started doing her challenge a few times earlier but have given up half way through for no good reason at all. I’ve again started it this month and I resolve to see it through to the end. If you aren’t familiar with her challenge, this is how it works. At the beginning of every month, she posts a list of topics, one for each day and you’re supposed to post on it.

Yesterday’s topic was, I wore this today and this is what I posted


See how I had to blur out even my feet? I was never a trendy, fashion obsessed person. But I do like to wear clean clothes and not look like a homeless person. But after the baby, it’s definitely not on my priority list. Especially yesterday with a sick baby, a doctor’s appointment that ran late by 3 hrs and a cranky hungry me, it was not a day to be making public what I wore.

So here are a list of things that I miss being able to do on a daily basis.

*Bathe- I get to do this if I have a super early bath before the husband leaves for the day. Else, I’m done. When my son was younger, I could leave him in the crib for a quick one but now, he screams the place down if he can’t see me even for a second. Which leads me to my second one.

*Bathroom break without an audience- again, can’t see mommy for 2 mins has to mean that she has decided to take off and must scream the place down.

*Take a minute to look in the mirror-I go days without even taking a peek at the mirror. It could also be cos I can’t bear to look at myself. And then I take my son to the playground in the evenings only to be greeted by gorgeous, svelte moms dressed perfectly with kids to match them. How they do it, I’ll never know!

*read a book- I haven’t read a page in months. Kills me but I don’t have the strength to battle my son who wants to rip my book apart and read it at the same time. Also, it’s not possible to read in the dark when he’s asleep. So I watch something instead. Now, I prefer the laziness of watching a series to the effort of reading a book.

Of course, motherhood is joyous!


6 thoughts on “I wore this today

  1. You are certainly going through some challenging times and I admire your strength. But I am most perplexed by your statement that you * miss * bathing every day. I could kill for that! If it weren’t for my….never mind πŸ™‚

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