Old ads

These old Nescafe ads triggered off some good memories of advertisements from the pre-cable days. We used to look forward to the ads more than the actual programs. I remember, when my sister was about 1 or 2 years old, she was a very fussy eater. My mom had a very tough time trying to get her to open her mouth for food. Of the many many techniques devised by my parents to distract her, the most effective was advertisements. My mom used to shoveful food in her mouth while she was totally absorbed in the ad blissfully oblivious of everything around here. Because, we couldn’t wait for ad breaks to feed her, my dad recorded a video casette of advertisements on our VCR!

I’ve posted some of my favorite ads here. Get ready to smile!

I’ll start with my most favorite one! I think everyone who’s seen this ad, loves the jingle. There is an extended version of this ad, which I was unable to find.

I remember this complan ad’s jingle much better in Tamil where Ayesha Takia says “naan valargirene, mummy.” This was one of those super famous like “kalakare chandru!” πŸ™‚

This ad is evergreen for 2 reasons, the ARR’s jingle and the oh-so-yummy Arvind Swamy. It is after this ad that Mani Ratnam is supposed to have picked both ARR and Arvind Swamy for Roja. There is a newer version of this ad with Andrea and Radio Mirchi Shiva which doesn’t have the charm of the original.

I remember this old ad that used to be used around pongal! I watched this ad today after many many years but I remember the exact sequence including the surprised expression on the mother’s face when she sees the son πŸ™‚ I just found out that the jingle for this ad has been done by ARR. This jingle has been sung by Malaysia Vasudevan and if you listen closely, it sounds like Then Kizhakku Seemayila from Kizhakku Seemayile!

This ad I think was the first one in the series of Dad-daughter wedding gift ones. And I also think this is the sweetest.

Hamara Bajaj, one of their most memorable campaigns

This was Aishwarya Rai’s big break. I think this is also her first Pepsi commercial. And Aamir Khan can’t look any yummier. And my sister’s name is Sanju πŸ˜€

There is an entire series of Cadbury’s ads in my list of favorites. This one tops it! I LOVE this girl!

Another extremely sweet Dairy Milk one!

Yet another classic Dairy Milk one!

I love the cheek and glee on Priety Zinta’s face!

Tell me who doesn’t remember this jingle, or this drink for that matter? I want to drink Gold Spot πŸ™‚

There is another ad, I totally was in love with but couldn’t find anywhere – Namma Ooru vandi, TVS Excel! Can anyone send it to me, if you have it?

These ads totally made my day! I hope they bring a smile to your face too πŸ™‚

Are any of your old time fav ads missing here?


Idhayam wealth-in oil pulling!

This is a continuation of the previous post by Sinduja.

I am a big big fan of all ad jingles that I can sing.Β  What can I say, I have been endowed with a nice(ha) singing (ha-ha) voice (growl) to do imitations of these things wonly. I wish!

Oil-pulling is probably one of the best ads that has been made; to date.Β  No lies.

The ad plays in theΒ  abridged and unabridged forms (one after the other).Β  The lyrics go something like this:

Paper paatha oil-pulling (Idhayam wealth)
Radio kaetta oil-pulling (Idhayam weaaaalth)
Internet illum oil-pulling (Idhayam wealth)
Oil-pulling, adhu yeppidi pannuradhuuuu?????
Very simble, very yeffeckchiow
Kale le ezhundhu yedhuvum saapadamai Idhayam wealthe vai le pottu
Nalla Koppilikyanum (make noise of koppilikyal in time to the song: washa washa washa washa wassssha wa)

Appiramai adha thuppidannum
Idha dhan oil-pulling

Oho! Oil-pulling panna??? (talk it)
Panni dhan parungolen (talk it also)
Idhayam wealth oil-pulling
Very simble very yeffeckchiow
Aaaa Haa!!!

Ok…so some of the words are rather incomprehensible and rightly so. You aren’t really supposed to listen to the song so much as watch the pretty lady/ies???? on screen.Β  They do look nice, but must we be soo confused??? There is one, no are 2, no…is one…..Aaackkk

I dunno.Β  They both look alike, if they are two girls, and if not, then the one girl looks like two.
After watching the ad, am almost tempted to go through the experience: but am refraining from doing so in case I start to look like two people.
Peace out!!!

Beauty and Pain..

I think most women are masochistic by nature. We like paying people a good amount of money every month to inflict pain upon us. The things we do for the sake of looking attractive! A visit to the beauty salon is not all soaking fingers in stuff, getting rollers in the hair, painting nails pretty. Its a couple of hours of some serious pain. We try flipping through magazines, examining our nails, making frivolous conversations with fellow women in pain to seem like we’re enjoying every bit of it. There’s no process there that’s not painless! There’s only varying degrees of pain. The more pain you can endure, the more attractive, the more pain you want inflicted, the more hip!

Actually, this pain is not so exclusive to women these days. We have men waxing their chest to look “macho.” I have a feeling Sanjay Dutt has a lower threshold for pain than the other pink shirt sporting men. And that’s what prompted him to come out with this, a public service message:

I probably agree with him about waxed legs and chest. But the bit about behenjis, taking care about children, salsa, poodles, I hope someone someone beats the day lights outta him. On retrospect, did they get him drunk on some cheap beer before the commercial. Nah, you don’t so much effort to convince someone like Sanjay Dutt to do such a stupid commercial. Actually, I want to meet the agency that came up with this ad and throw them a party for having discovered new levels of sucking in commercials.

So, Mr. Dutt, its very evident that you can’t handle anything in life that involves even a wee bit sophistication. So, let the world be and drink your strong soda.